Daniel & Sharon - September, 2009


Well our trip started very nice. Got to the resort around 1:00 pm. Room not ready. We are used to this so we change into our swimsuits in the lobby bathroom and away we go to the Sexy Pool. BOOZE, BOOZE, BOOZE!!! My name got changed to Cuba Libre after a while. Went to see if our room was ready yet and it was. SWEET location right in the center of the resort and steps (a word I have come to hate) from Patty O's (2114). Had dinner at TexMex and it was great. Wife had the hanger steak and I had the surf and turf. Both were great. Went to Patty O's afterward and meet some really nice people. Got wasted, danced with a few lovely ladies and it was done.

Monday is here and we are ready to party some more. Tequila Ken is a super friendly guy. Thanks for all the love. Went to get reservations and could only get was 10 pm at the Asian. Well there was no way we would make it until that late to eat but I took it just in case. More drinking and meeting great people. We ended up eating at Patty O's. They had some nice sushi tuna there. Then it all went down hill from there. many shots and many Cuba Libre's later, we decide to go to the room and I decide to throw my Wife over my shoulder and take her to the room. Then the stairs got in my way (there was a ramp there but I am a dumbass). Down I went and fucked up my ankle. Rolled into our room and passed out.

Woke up a couple of hours later and my ankle was the size of a football. This is bad. Sharon got some ice in a plastic bag and I iced it for a while. I told Sharon to go out to the pool and get a chair. No use in hanging in the room with me and both of us be miserable. I was starting to go crazy watching The View while all the fun was happening at the pool so I took 3 Advil and hobbled out to the chair. Sharon greeted me with a shot of tequila and a double Cuba Libre. I love her. A man that was sitting a few chairs down approached me and asked if I needed something for the pain. I said I will take anything he had since I had nothing to lose. He came back with 3 Vicodin and an ace bandage!!! What a hero!!! I learned his name was Rocco and his wife was Li and they were from Atlanta. The pill helped a lot, so good that I was able to get into the pool and hang out. We ended us befriending Rocco and Li and they invited us to dinner at 7pm. We went back and showered and Sharon wrapped my ankle for me with the ace bandage that Rocco gave me. We had a great time with them at dinner and called it a night.

The Montezuma Revenge got both of us the morning after but since it was our last day we didn't care. The travel home was painful but what are you going to do. I refused to go to a Mexican hospital. All they would do is the same that Rocco did for me.

I want to thank Rocco and Li for being my heros. I also want to thank Wendy for getting me that sandwich for lunch.

Till next time. Peace.

Sharon and Daniel