Blue Bay Getaway, Cancun Mexico - February, 2006

February 11-18 2006

Hey guys, now like all days and events may get a bit fuzzy but hey I'm still tired.. First off let me say the people at BBG are awesome.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Now on to the trip report.. Sorry but it is VERY long.. Hey I'm long winded what can I say..

Day One (Sat)- Well having packed and gotten ready until 12am I awake @ 2:30 feeling like utter hell.. My eye balls felt huge and puffy.. I hit the shower wake Chris up and next thing I know the cab is waiting for us.. It's freezing out, maybe 19. The cabbie is a tad crazy but I don't really care cuz we are leaving!! woo hoo.. The flight is uneventful, had a very short layover in Philly, so we had to power walk to our next flight, thus missing the wonderful of Duty Free. Crap no smokes now.. Oh well.. Arrive in Cancun to mayhem.. Where the hell did all these people come from???? Well the power our flight thru, only to have to now wait for our luggage. Finally our luggage arrives, and now we wait for our xfer.. Chris got a little ticked cuz I did what I wasn't supposed to do.. Yes ladies and gentlemen I stopped.. I know I know, don't look at anyone just walk, but I was tired.. Well I finally said that "listen We're tired and we have to go". Easy enough. Pull up at the hotel and think nice enough. Check in goes easy, and my honey as always angled for whatever he could get.. Get outside our room and the bellman says "oh nice Junior suite.." Well Chris and I looked at each other like "score!!!!" It was pretty sweet.. Living area with couch, 2 full bathrooms, big king sized bed with room dividers, and a huge patio.. Woo Hoo!!!!! Get in the room, do our normal hotel room ritual, then get into our bathing suits.. Off to the sexy pool.. First people we see Mike and Diane!!!!!! YEAH!!! Big hugs, kisses, and a Birthday spank for Mike.. Mike and Diane introduce us to everyone.. By real name and cancuncare handles.. So cool to finally meet everyone we had been talking to for months.. Todd and Lori, Tris, Deb and Fred, Chrissy and Jason, Holly, Larry and Kathy, Vicki and Al, Jim and Jodi, John C and I know so many more.. So we hung by the pool, drank a few, chatted and laughed.. About 3 we went in for a nap.. Much needed.. Woke up and got ready for Mike's party!!!! Dady Rock here we come.. Get there and there are only a few around.. They have tables draped in white, with chair covers.. Nice touch.. Everyone is pretty much there, except for the highly anticipated arrival of Kenny and Cheryl Foster and their whole gang.. Salads arrive and shortly after that Kenny, Cheryl, Steve, Jess, Kathy, Greg, Trey and Angela do too.. Woo hoo the party has now begun.. Appetizers come, nacho's, cheese quesadilla's and cheese sticks, yummy. Then dinner, again yummy. Steaks, potatoes, veggies.. The food is then cleared away and on to getting our groove on.. Dancing has begun.. Chrissy sings 'Respect" into a mic, then is off.. Dancing on the stage. Then Mike is paraded up there to get his Birthday shots.. The bartenders call us up on the bar and we are partying hard.. And it is hot in there.. The club gets full in a matter of minutes.. Crazy.. Then the next thing I know Kathy is in some guys face.. Yes someone has stolen Kenny's phone and Kathy saw him do it.. I think he thought it was only about 5 people.. Next thing he knows there are 30 people behind her, with Mike and Chris showing force.. City boys.. They escorted him out, only to then see him in the kitchen.. Crazy.. Out he goes again.. We call it a night at about 2am.. A hot sweaty night..

Day Two (Sun)- Up at 6;30.. Yes 6:30.. Why I have no clue.. Chris goes out to find Mike and I take a shower and then join them.. Crazy people up at dawn.. Chris and Mike seem to have lost their voices last night.. Get our towels set up at the sexy pool and await Diane and her Aunt and Uncle for breakfast.. I take one of everything and whittle it all down to french toast, sausage, and cereal and banana.. Coffee is decent and staves off the caffeine withdrawals.. Well what a lovely cold cloudy and windy day.. Looks like nap time to me.. I had tried to stay a trooper but I was freezing out there.. Nap time until about 2;30 then we all met up at 3:30 for shopping, hahahahaha.. Hit the first store, yes the one with free tequila shots when you walk in then it was "hey lets grab a beer at Carlos and Charlie's.. Well we walk into a quiet Carlos and Charlie's, but it didn't stay that way for very long at all.. Took all of maybe 5 minutes and the places was crazy.. People dancing on their bar stools, half naked.. There was a big group next to us that was half way there when we arrived only to join in the craziness.. I had my crazy big beer and about half way thru it I was told I was being to quiet and I had to get up.. Well I liked the song that was on so I proceeded to get on the bar stool and dance.. tease, dance it's all the same.. Lots of laughs, and ton's of drinking and dancing.. Steve and Janet are awesome.. When the bill showed up for our drink we almost died..Well lesson learned next time we'll do the open bar.. BLAH!!! Kisses to Mike and Diane, next time we will have to do the buddy system.. Back to BBG at about 9pm for the drinking contest.. Janet took the title, along with someone else.. Not sure who.. Sorry.. Good job Janet!!!!! Made us proud.. Then on to the spankings.. Well next thing I know my pants are down for a few good smacks.. Well I like it.. That coupled with the fact that I now feel no pain anyway.. Well somewhere along the line Holly lost her belt and Jason wound up with it.. Only to smack my a$$ a bit more.. hahahahahaha.. I'll feel that tomorrow.. Got to meet a few more cancuncare folks, the lovely Klaw, George and Debbie, Derrick and Trina, Lala, and Opie and hubbie ( Mike?) see getting fuzzy.. Well now we're drunk so it's off to bed.. Night night..

Day Three (Mon)- Yes again it's up at 6:30am.. 7am for me.. Breakfast again @ 9am with everyone.. Then off to the sexy pool.. Today it was my turn to lose my voice.. It's another chilly day, cloudy.. For some reason I thought I had enough energy for dance lessons with Omar, Chinos and Lalo, but all I wanted to do was sit down right there.. I started to get bratty and everything.. Well I did the 2 songs then got to die in a lounge chair, yeah! The sun started to come out, finally, but the pool was mucho frio.. Damn.. Lunch time @ the quiet pool restaurant.. Yes it's burgers and nacho's.. yummy.. After lunch we ran back to the room for some lovin.. Then back out to the sexy pool, where Chris is entered in the Mr. BBG contest.. hehe.. Well HE WON!! Woo Hoo baby.. Good Job.. I got yelled at for participating as well by security.. I think it was missed that there were a few people who were in the same state as I, but I got singled out.. And my lovely friend Chinos, my partner in crime, was scolded as well.. I love ya Chinos!!!! Well then it's nap time.. Now Diane try's to get reservations at the Chinese restaurant, but is told she can't.. bummer.. Now remember I told you I got hit with Holly's belt, well it did leave a mark.. WOO HOO.. Holy crap, Jason apologizes over and over, but he has absolutely nothing to apologize for, I really didn't feel it the night before.. Oh well.. Live and learn, no belts allowed at full throttle.. After nap I get ready and meet up with everyone for dinner in the caf, er um, buffet.. Dinner for 30.. big long table set up for all of us.. Very good.. At some point today Rick and Heather show up!!!! Hugs and kisses all around.. Then we all went down the alternative bar.. I guess we got shut off at some point.. But I did finally have a rainbow shot.. Yummy.. Then it was off to the Congo bar.. What a blast.. The waiter kept dragging me up to the side platform to dance.. So I went.. We danced all night, and let me tell you the waiter was there every few minutes with trays of beers and drinks, and shots.. Awesome!!!!! The music was good and we were silly.. Rick and Heather had a touch of FDS.. As we all have had thus far really.. LOL.. Good times.. Mike and Diane pour them into a cab at probably around 2am, and we all leave not long after..

Day Four (Tues)- For some reason this begins the really fuzzy period.. Oh Michelle and OCJ showed up!!!!!! hahaha.. Well we woke up at around 8am today, wow sleepin in.. ugh.. and I'm hurting.. I think it was the mass quantities of beer I think I can drink.. Breakfast as usual, then off to the sexy pool.. It's cloudy again but the sun wants to come out to play.. Before I knew it I see this tall sexy thang come walking out to the sexy pool in jean capri's, a tank top and very high heeled shoes.. I say "Is that my Michelle???" Only to hear in a loud thundering voice "MICHAEL!!!!!!!!" It's her it's her it really is her!!!!! Hugs and kisses all around again.. Woo hoo.. We take OCJ and Michelle back to our room to get changed, their room isn't ready yet.. They get changed and we head back to the sexy pool.. Chris and OCJ find that they have a lot in common.. Well at 1pm we all head to the yacht.. Sweet.. Happy Valentine's Day! The boat is loaded with people, booze and food.. The drinks start flowing, followed by the mooning of BBG, and other exposed parts.. Well now every time we see someone on shore they get mooned or exposed.. lol.. Dancing and drinking and a lot of laughs.. We find shot glasses and make the first of many shots and toasts, then Michelle thought she was Zorba the greek and tosses the much coveted shot glass to the fishes.. Maybe she thought the needed a drink too.. Mike goes around with the Tequila bottle, but the waters are choppy so it's hard to get the shot in people's mouths.. Michelle's turn, god just thinking about the shot she took is making my stomach hurt. The bottle is neck deep in her mouth and the bottle upside down.. Well out it goes off the back.. I've got her hair and her cigarette is gone now.. Her beer is also in my hand.. Multi tasking.. Jay asks if she wants water, or gatorade only to hear "Where's my beer and my cigarette. It's okay babe it's all out now.. I'm good".. Alrighty then.. Here's your beer and I'll light you a new butt.. We're off again.. The waters were a bit choppy but finally we end up at the Isla and the sun comes out.. God the waters are beautiful.. makes us look forward to Thursday that much more.. Chris jumps in, followed by Michelle (sunglasses, earrings and all) followed by Jason, who more like slipped and fell in giving Chrissy a near heart attack.. Along with a few others.. Then Jay, shoes hat and all.. Well Michelle went under the water and came up with no sunglasses and 1 earring.. So she tossed the other to the fish.. Some lucky fish swimming around with earrings and sunglasses.. Now Michelle is in and out at this point, and OCJ isn't too far behind.. FDS.. Body shots on the boat table, more dancing, then Chris and I sneak below deck.. Sweet the bed has a mirror above it.. Meow.. The food was really good, Nacho's, Gaucamole, pico de galo and shrimp (yummy) and Tuna.. Good call people.. The captain was shirtless and lovin life.. He was getting molested and he loved every minute of it.. Dancing around too.. Then the next thin I knew everyone was taking turns driving the boat.. We arrive back at BBG in one piece and really silly.. Michelle took off with someone else's flip flops, so she lost hers on the boat.. Are you keeping track of the lost Michelle items yet?? LOL.. Sorry Michelle big kisses.. Good girls don't do that on yachts.. hahahahahahahaha.. Anywho.. Walking past the pool Michelle jumps on Jason and the go boom right in the pool.. Somehow he manages to keep all of the bag he was holding above water.. And thank goodness he did considering what was in the bag. Blackberry's don't work water logged.. We finally get Michelle down for a nap.. And grab one ourselves to ready up for Fat Tuesday's tonight.. Now at some point after we came back we finally got to meet the very tall and sexy duo Hillary and Dustin.. I wake Michelle up at almost 10pm.. Now Michelle is good.. She was ready in about 15 mins.. and off we went.. We walk into Fat Tuesdays and it was dead.. Maybe 20 people.. Within 20 minutes it was packed.. We danced hard all night.. Hillary had an admirer so the guys tried to diver him away.. It almost got ugly, that when we called it a night.. Fat Tuesdays was not so easy to get a drink at so we weren't that happy there. Oh well.. Now we still hadn't heard anything about Mark and Kristen so we drunk dialed a breathy Hillary, hehe, who gave us a last name so the desk would help us out.. The desk said they came in and connected us to their room.. Michelle yelled into the phone and the we were in a sprint to find them.. Well let me tell you it's not easy finding rooms @ 2am. But that's okay cuz Mark and Kristen found us!! Big hugs and kisses all around.. We said our good nights, and off to bed. Now Thank goodness Chris was sleeping light this evening cuz Michelle came a knocking at about 4am.. We sat up for a few minutes and chatted about the nights events, kinda like a slumber party.. Then off to slumber land, or pass out land.. Whatever..

Day Five (Wed)- Ouch.. Did anyone catch the name of the drunk bus that hit us all last night.. Poor Chris and the guys were all up at 6:30am, Thank you Jay for calling our room as I set the alarm wrong.. LOL.. The guys went deep sea fishing.. Ugh I could not imagine.. Well Michelle and I slept in until about 9am, where I woke her to grab some grub.. Love the fluttering eyelashes when I wake her up.. I think it was the fact that the mascara stuck them together, but it looked so damn cute.. Met up with Diane and we all ate breakfast.. The usual.. Then off to the sexy pool to lie there and die.. The sun was in and out.. Funny but we really missed the boys. I couldn't wait to see them.. And I hoped that they all caught fish.. At around 1pm they came up from the marina.. Some were a bit green.. Seems the sea's were very rocky, still.. 3 out of 9 were sick.. Poor guys.. They all caught fish.. Chris caught a huge red snapper, big fatty.. 10 fish were caught in all.. AWESOME!!! Thank God cuz now I have happy Chris and not cranky Chris,.. I like happy Chris.. Well at about 4pm it was nap time, so Chris tucked me in.. meow.. Chris woke me up at 6 so we could go to eat at Rio Steakhouse across the street.. Now let me tell you that was just awesome.. They had a great buffet, tuna steaks, calamari, asparagus, salads, sushi, sashimi, chic cutlets, empinada's, and on and on.. Then the meats.. Oh my.. Lamb, turkey in bacon, 3 or more kinds of steaks, keep it coming.. French Fries, fried banana's, fried cheese, fried something else, Caesar salad, and bread.. Oh getting full.. Desserts.. Heather and Rick got a coconut custard that was sinful, Chris and I got cheesecake with strawberries, Mike got the best F'in flam ever, and Yvonne and Sean got a brownie with ice cream.. Hey I forgot to ask you guys how your dessert was.. Everyone had their O faces on.. So I'm going to guess everyone's was good.. Then back to BBG Margarita bar for a few drinks before heading out to Basic.. Wow what a club.. So cool.. Basically a tent. Hole on top and wind rushing thru. Again it was pretty empty to start. Mike and Chris tipped the waiter so he wouldn't forget us and oh he didn't.. The beer was god awful.. Or maybe I had drank my quota for beer for the next year.. Chris got a mai tai and I loved it.. Mai tai's for me thank you!!! I was very careful not to forget the were still alcohol.. So yummy.. A few shots here and there and the next thing I knew Jess was taking Cheryl and I upstairs.. I guess we were entering a wet T- shirt contest.. hahahaha.. Well at 1am we go back to the upstairs and are led downstairs to a little room that smells like a pool and is as hot as he!!. Now there are about 8 girls changing in this crammed little rooms, when low and behold there are draws in this little T-shirt package.. UH-OH.. Chris isn't going to like me coming out in a little T-shirt and undies.. Granted they were fruit of the loom 10 pack undies. Something from the back of the draw when I was maybe 14.. But still not my honey's cup of tea.. I debated for about 10 minutes.. Then I saw his face. He looked horrified.. I went back and changed and joined him at the seat's. His face lit right up when he saw me.. He was so happy.. And I was so happy with my choice.. Now the BBG girls made me proud.. Heather came out first. Tearing it up.. Michelle came out like a lioness. You have to teach me that hair thing.. Damn that's sexy.. Jess and Cheryl came out together.. Hot hot hot.. We left with Mike and Diane, Jim and Jodi and another couple before they announced the winner. But in my eye they all won.. And can now put that down as "yup I did that." Hamburgers, again.. Everyone came stumbling thru after us as well.. Then off to bed.. No Michelle knocking tonight.

Day Six (Thur)- Well we wake up at around 6:30 and say F' it.. It is pouring rain.. No need to get out of bed.. Damn.. Today was supposed to be out cruise.. I was all excited for it.. But looking out that the driving rain and the white caps in the distance all it is saying in my head is "if we go out 70% of the boat is going to get sick.." That would not be good.. So back to bed we went until around 9:30.. We're told by Mike that we will try to go out at around 11am.. Well we were sitting eating breakfast at about 9am, when all of the sudden I see Michelle stumble by.. I knew she was trying to find her suitcase, in our room.. So I run out and grab her.. Bra in hand I lead her to the room.. Come on baby girl.. She lost her flip flops, but somehow found another pair.. We found her purse with Kristen and Mark.. The girl has a horseshoe up her butt.. I'm surprised her sunglasses didn't wash up on shore and the guys didn't catch a fish wearing her earrings.. It did finally clear so the guys decided to go out on Jet ski's.. Nice choppy day to kill the legs.. They had a blast though.. Us girls just hung out and were silly as usual.. Then it was back to bed for me.. I wake up to Diane's cutie patootie face and get ready.. Love her!!! Yes we are going back to Carlos and Charlie's today.. OPEN BAR!!!!! So we all pile on to the bus and off we go.. Into town.. We get off the bus and up in a window, eating lunch is Kenny, Cheryl, Jess, Steve, Trey, Angela, Kathy, Greg(?maybe can't remember), Jim and Jodi. We pointed to the direction we were going in hopes they would join us.. We walk into Carlos and Charlie's and it's dead quiet.. The mama in me spots 2 kids and tries to tell everyone to keep their clothes on until they leave.. Well that didn't work.. They tried books in their faces at first only to finally have to leave.. Oh well.. Last time there was crazy but this beat it all.. Holy $h!t.. Lets see if I can run down who was there.. I know I will miss a few. Michelle, Kristen and Mark, Mike and Diane, Dustin and Hillary, Sean and Yvonne, Sharon and Jay, Heather and Rick, Todd and Marie, George and Debbie, Derrick and Trina, Chris and I.. and the rest is fuzzy.. Sorry guys.. Kisses to all I forgot.. duh.. Well then the Foster crew came in.. Woohoo.. It just got crazier and crazier.. OH MY CRAZY!! Lots of laughs, lots of dancing, lots of drinks.. Well our 3 hour open bar had brought down the house.. And brought the bar together in a funny way.. People stayed there just to watch us being crazy.. People pulled us aside to say they were having so much fun watching us.. Crazy voyeurs.. lol.. Michelle really has to watch out for those fans, and next time step around the table, not on it.. Oh boy.. Drunk again.. Now BBG was going back to Dady Rock tonight, but considering what happened last time we were good.. We stayed at the alternative bar and margarita's and drank a little longer there..Now funny thing happened after Carlos and Charlie's.. I was going to use the bathroom and saw a Boston baseball hat.. Well being from Boston I yell "BOSTON!" only to have him look up and saw "BostonMel where's BostonChris!?!?" Well I didn't expect that at all.. So I lead him over.. Well it's Merton.. I know you have a real name but that's just what I kept calling you. So more hugs and kisses all around for Merton.. Tonight we finally ate at the Chinese restaurant.. Oh now that was yummy.. I got duck thanks to Diane, Chris got the Lobster, Thanks to Sharon and Jay.. The duck was soo good as was the lobster.. Hell everything was good..It was Sharon, Jay, Mike, Diane, Chris and I at one table, then another group (Kenny, Cheryl, Jess, Steve, Lori and Todd came in after us as well as Heather, Rick, Jodi and Jim.. I got the ribs first, then the chinese noodles (soup) the duck then FRIED ICE CREAM!!!!!! Oh I have been waiting for that!! Diane had been too.. We were like kids.. I wish I could have eaten sober too.. So I could remember just how good it was.. LOL.. Well my body is shutting down and isn't thirsty anymore, just wants some gatorade and sleep.. Off to beddy by 12am.. At 4am I thankfully heard the little knock knock of Miss Michelle.. Come on in sistah.. Slumber party again.. Chatted for about a 1/2 hour.. Then we all passed out.. Like little monkeys in the bed..

Day 7 (Friday)- Crap my body is so tired.. I have danced my a$$ off 6 days straight.. So has everyone else now.. He!! even Dustin, "Mr. I don't dance" was dancing.. So most of us have new bruises everyday, along with aches and pains, and the shakes.. Good times.. I don't know what time we woke up, had to be before 10am cuz we had breakfast, again.. Sounds a bit like ground hog day.. Chris throw's it in me while Michelle is in the shower.. LOL.. Get to the sexy pool and the day is looking great.. The sun is out and it's gettin' hot.. Finally.. I find out that Mike has volunteered Michelle and I for wacky time.. Why not.. Just let me lay in this chair for a few.. I slept for crap last night.. Nightmares all night.. Every time I woke from one I'd go right into another. Not enough booze I guess.. So on to wacky time.. I asked Chinos if we were going to get in trouble again and he said "no baby don't you worry.." Good.. I also told him "I'm sober!!!" Well Sharon, Michelle, Hillary and I were participating in the Mrs. BBG contest.. I figured I had a snowballs chance, but I guess my performance won it for me cuz I WON!!!!! Get the hell out of here.!!! People were congratulating me on my performance.. I just took it from what I know.. I think I shocked a few (Kristen and Mark) hehe.. Good Girls know how to perform.. Well the rest of the day is around the pool, lunch is a burger and then a nap.. Up by 5:00 for the booze cruise @ 6:30.. Get ready and downstairs by 6:30, finally on time.. I know Mike I love ya.. Grab a drink and await the "booze cruise" call.. We all pile on board and I spill a punch right on me.. Excellent.. They are yummy and go down nice and easy.. Now our group is in the front of the boat, a few other grounds are on board as well.. Well It starts kinda slow, as they are going a tad fast and people are sitting so they don't topple over. The captain slows down a bit and the party starts.. Dancing and drinks flowing.. Michelle is doing her thang on the front and boom Marks pants are down.... again... Hello mark.. Nice to see you, again.. This time Opie and her hubby are on board as well as Rainman who was incognito for a few days.. I told him he needs a newer pic for his avatar.. You guys are awesome by the way.. Good people in Rainman's (Ray's) group.. Tell Barb and everyone I said "Hello!!!" I loved the hair swinging with your friend and Michelle.. That really was a riot.. I hope I or someone out there got a pic of that! Well more craziness on the boat up front, and the back of the boat was so quiet.. Well by the end of the trip everyone was up and dancing, and being wild.. Hey does anyone know if that sexy latin couple dressed in black was Jaunclarabeth.. If so you should have said HI to us all.. Sexy hair and body!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Well she was up and dancing by mid cruise as well!! Local man to Chris- "I'll give you 2 Mexican girls for your two girls. I know they are with you.." Thanks Chris for not selling us off for the night.. LOL.. Chris just gave him a "you couldn't handle them.. " So true. Right Michelle? I think I bruised my right knee leaning on and dancing against that thing Michelle was crawling all over.. You know where they tried putting the drinks until we spilled them.. LOL.. Ya ouch.. Well I saw many body parts and danced my ass off again.. Hey Deb did you ever get that pic? I still think your eyes are better.. I missed saying good-bye to you and Fred the next morning.. xoxo.. The next thing I know the boat is pulling in and we are off to BBG again.. Margarita's for another drink then night night.. No Michelle tonight.. She's giving us our last night here alone.. Thanks Michelle.. We missed ya..

Day 8 (Sat)- Oh sadness.. We're going home.. This week has flown by.. We wake up and off to breakfast again.. The day is so sunny, again, and hot.. Oh looks like we're are going to get the beginning of good weather for Cancun.. No fair.. Oh well we had a few sunny days.. Packed our bags and went to the sexy pool. The water in the pool was getting warmer, and the sun was hot.. Chinos was telling me I had to do body shots later.. No time for that today.. I have people to chat with and lots of water drinking to do before I fly out.. Before I knew it Diane and Mike were saying their good byes.. Oh that was so sad.. I am going to miss them so much.. Then we went up to our room to check out.. While we were there Mark was trying to get another room, or really trying to keep the one he had, when Chris said why don't you just give him our room, we're checking out right now.. Room 226 for them now.. Love that room.. Luggage out at the desk, room check out of, and we have 45 minutes until our shuttle comes.. CRAP! This sucks.. Back to the pool.. We soak up the last rays we can, say our good byes and off to the lobby to change into airport clothes.. blah.. The shuttle guy gets there right at noon.. And still has 2 more stops.. Riu, where he gets lost for about 20 mins, until Chris finds him and has a chat with him about leaving now or grabbing our luggage. Next it's off to another hotel where I find that I now have anxiety.. It's past 12:30 our flight is at 2:30 and I know we still have a drive to the airport.. Damn you cabbie drive faster!!! Well we get there finally, and the freakin lines are crazy!!!! OMG! Every airline is about a 2 hour wait.. We make our way down to US Air and all 10 people were in line.. Sweet!!!! Front of the line finally and who do we see when we look over, Mike and Diane.. Holy Crap! They have been in line for 2 hours now.. Panic set's in for them.. They run to their term.. We saunter upstairs. Go to Duty free, grab too much crap and the worst sandwich ever and go for a smoke @ the bar. My favorite people are in there too.. Hehe.. Mike and Diane again.. Delayed flight. Luckily.. Our flight was on time and uneventful..

I have to say I have gotten the pleasure of meeting some of the best people anyone could ever meet.. I feel very lucky to have gotten this time with all of you.. Too many names to even mention, and waaayy too many things that I laughed hysterically at to even think of putting in here.. I just did an outline for everyone.. Left out lots and lots, but I have the memories. How is it you can meet some people and feel like you have known them for a life time?? So many different walks of life all coming together just to enjoy a little time and be really crazy.. Something we don't get to do too often.. I thank you all for welcoming us.. From the bottom of my heart.. I have hopefully had the privilege to have made friends for a lifetime!! Great big hugs and kisses to you all..

Quotes of the week and side notes- -I lost my (fill in the blank here) -Good girls don't clog boat toilets -Fred your heads so nice I just wanna lick it -That some F'in good Flam -She was like a circus seal -So how did you learn that hair flip..? -I hear you flashed... can I see??? -Mama -I peed the bed -Did you hear a knock? -Whori put on a happy face for all to see everyday of the week.. -Todd looks a little green -He's still wearing those? -Oh My look behind you.. -Jess those are huge -Stevie you rock! -Mel feel my arms.. soo smooth -Do you want to go out? ugh.. Do you want a gatorade? ugh.. What color? Ugh once for red 2 for blue.. -Meow -I call dibs on the locked room when they get out.. -Kathy I saw you flash -Good girls don't choke on the banana -There's a guy running around giving everyone herpes.. He must be stopped.. -Kathy (Larry's wife) I hope your knee feels better -Chrissy I hope your back is better

I Love You all.. Thank You!!

Chris & Melissa