Blue Bay Getaway: Andrew & Kimberly - October, 2006

October 16-20

Let me start off by saying we had a great first time to BBG! We have gone to HEDO 3 two other times but wanted something a little calmer.
We flew out on Monday. We were supposed to leaved on United at 6:11am and switch in Washington so we'd get there at Noon but the flight attendant went home sick, they called another one in- who showed up an hour later and with no id so they wouldn't let her, they then had to call someone else. By that time we had missed our connecting flight so they rerouted us to a Delta flight that left at 1pm and got in at 7pm in Cancun. Overall, it was very upsetting and a loss of a whole day for us.
We had arranged transfers with Entertainment Plus and I had called them and left a message saying our flight had changed and gave them new info. Upon exiting the airport there was no one with our name so we finally found an employee and he acted like we had not called and gave new info. We had to wait another half an hour for transportaiton and then had to share a ride with another couple but at that point we just wanted to get to the resort. Still had to paid the original price though!
Check in was a snap and the bellman was right there to take us to our room. We had a nice oceanfront suite by the quiet pool that was right on the beach. The bed was alittle hard but not bad.
Overall we had no complaints with the food and thought it was great.
Quite Pool-
Never used but looked nice
Sexy Pool-
What can I say but sexy and fun-spent all of our time here
Sports Pool-
Hubby loved the volleyball and water polo
Excellent service at all
Everyone was always there to get you a drink and they were always polite
Chino was a hoot and all of the staff was alot of fun
Everyone was nice and we met alot of great people.
Are not allowed in public at all nor is complete nudity unless it's during tequilla volleyball or a game that the EC is doing. Still had a great time though. Tops are optional.
Overall, we had a great time and can't wait to go again in May. Having withdrawls already.
Andrew & Kimberly