Single Man's Guide to Hedonism II

(as submitted by Dennis Nelson aka Hedosuperman)

The Single Man’s guide to Hedonism

"What is it like to be a single man at hedo ???"

"Will I have fun ???"

"Will I get laid ???"

The above are just a few of the questions that I get from Single males who want to know what Hedo is all about for a single male. I put this together to help not only the single males, but also the couples that instantly see a single male as a threat.

Let’s start with Sex. If you are coming to Hedo to get "Laid", stop reading this pamphlet right now, cancel your reservations and go someplace else. Sex does happen at Hedo, (some weeks it happens often, but that’s another story). However Hedo isn’t all about sex. You will not see people having sex all over the place. Hedo isn’t a non-stop orgy. If you have that picture in your head, get rid of it now.

There are single women at Hedo, although not many depending upon when you go. The ration can be from anywhere from 5:1 to 10:1. Some couples enjoy the company of a single man, some do not. Feel which ones do. This doesn’t mean that you stick to them like glue. It means just be yourself and let things flow. Remember: If a couple ask you to join in on a sexual encounter…YOU ARE A PROP !!!!!!!! Its not about you, its about a couple exploring their sexual boundaries. Not yours. Second, before anything happens get the rules of both parties. Under NO circumstances are you ever to "Hook up" with a woman, without her significant others knowledge . I have seen this happen and it can get ugly. Show respect in all situations. Women aren’t there for your pleasure. You are there for theirs. Be grateful.

Personality can go a long way at Hedo. Some have a personality, some don’t. If you are reading this pamphlet and you are a Jerk, you are a Jerk and this won’t help you. If you can just be yourself and mingle I’m sure people will talk to you. Hedo people are quite social and friendly. Unfortunately, god gave man a brain and a Penis with only enough blood to run one of them at a time. I will admit that there have been some single males that haven’t made the road easy, however most hedonites will give a chance. There are some people that just don’t like single males no matter how nice ya are to them. **** em’ !!! You aren’t at Hedo for those people. You are there to have a good time and meet people.

There are plenty of activities to do at Hedo. Try to get involved with as many of them as you can. The more people that you get to meet, the more fun you will have. Enjoy the atmosphere all over the resort. A single guy doesn’t have to hang on the nude side to enjoy Hedo. If you don’t like the idea of hanging on the nude side, have fun on the "Prude" side. You are on vacation…,act like it. Have fun at Hedo…let its spirit take you over and you will have a wonderful time. This is a magical place for all people. Even single males. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for the single male at Hedo.

Do show respect for all people at all times.

Don’t touch anyone that hasn’t specifically asked you to touch them.

Do come over the nude side.

Don’t come to the nude side with your clothes on and stare

Do get involved in fun activities.

Don’t join in activities that you haven’t been asked to join.

Do have sex

Don’t have sex without permission from everyone involved

Do enjoy the hot tub at night.

Don’t sit there staring or masturbating at couples in the hot tub at night

Do meet people

Don’t be pushy trying to meet people.

Do drink

Don’t get too drunk and become a Vinny.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will have a great time at Hedo.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Nelson