Hedonism II Repeat Guest/Loyalty Programs

Last Updated: 1/7/22

Everything below is subject to change or clarification.

Resort Announcement Letter

700-for-12 Loyalty Program

Interpretation & Implementation (subject to change)

  • New bookings of 12-nights (one trip or cumulative in the same calendar year) or more will receive a $700 room or resort credit.
  • The $700 room night credit can only be applied toward room nights from the 13th-night foward.
  • The $700 resort credit can be used at the resort during the visit where the 12th night occurs without having to book more than 12-nights.
  • Once you hit 24-nights in a calendar year, you earn a second 700-12 promotion that can be used starting on the 25th night.
  • The resort credit can be used toward:
    • Private Dinner(s)
    • Spa Treatments
    • Wine Bar
    • Lifestyle Boutique Purchases
  • The credits cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Any unused credits expire on December 31 of the year awarded.
  • Any additional nights can be purchased through DennyP Travel using any previously earned credit to pay for them.
  • The $700 voucher applies to the room regardless of the number of occupants.
  • No limit on how many 700-for-12 awards can be earned in a calendar year?
  • If only part of a $700 voucher is used toward room nights, the balance can be applied to a resort credit.
  • If two people are in a room (or three people), the "lead" person on the reservation owns the 700-12 award.
  • The resort will track credit balances.
  • If someone has booked with more than one agency, they will have to let me know so I will know about all their paid nights.

Other Awards

  • Group cocktail parties will receive either a $250 voucher (20+ paid rooms) or a $500 voucher (40+ paid rooms).
  • When providing an inconvenience compensation (room downgrades, no A/C, other problems, bad service, etc.), resort management will decide whether to provide free nights or a dollar credit.


  • I CAN use the $700 credit for your reservation regardless of where earned toward any booking through DennyP Travel. Submit a quote request for all the nights that you want to book, including the nights for which you want to use the voucher.
  • I will always quote the lowest rate I have available not only for the original 12 nights, but also for any additional nights used with the voucher.
  • If you are booking more than 12-nights at one time, I will automatically include the $700 credit toward that booking unless otherwise requested.
  • If you have an earlier booking in the same year that you are combining with a current booking to get to more than 12 paid nights, please let me know so that I can include any credit if desired.
  • If you book through multiple agencies or directly through the resort, please let me know of any award balance you might have if you want me to take that into account when quoting you.

Resort Giveaways

Interpretation & Implementation (subject to change)

  • Depending on which level of award is received (see the Resort Announcement Letter for details) - you will get a $1500, $1000 or $500 voucher.
  • That voucher will expire one year from the guest's current departure date.
  • Voucher may be used for rooms or for resort credit.
  • If only part of a voucher is used toward room nights, the balance is applied to a resort credit.


  • DennyP Travel will be happy to handle your bookings using the repeater party vouchers. Vouchers may say that you have to redeem them directly with the resort. That requirement was lifted. You can forward me a copy of the voucher to apply to a reservation made through me.
  • Submit one quote request to cover all the dates you want to book. Email me a copy of your voucher (a scanned image or a photo image). I will calculate the best use of your voucher to cover as many nights as possible at rate for your dates and room category. I will then quote you my cheapest rate for the remaining paid nights, if any.