Hedonism II - Halloween/Anniversary 2020 Themes

October 31- Halloween Ball
Dress - Cosplay( superhero/villains), scary movie characters, Frankenstein, Mummy, Favorite movie characters etc

November 1- ZOODONISM ‘Unleash Your Inner Animal’

Dress- Your favorite animal, sexy animal prints

November 2- ISLAND FEVER ‘Reggae Bliss’
Dress- Jamaica colors (black, green, yellow/gold), Rasta outfits, dancehall fashion

November 3- SUPERNOVA- ‘ Glow Fashion Rave’
Dress- Neon, Glitter, Rhinestones, Bright Feathers, Glow

Dress- Gothic outfits, Steampunk, Corset, Corset trains

November 5- BOHEMIAN DREAM ‘ Night of the wild child’
Dress- Hippie, Afros, Bell Bottoms, Flower power fashion, retro, tie dye, 60s/ 70s fashion, Woodstock

November 6- ROCK ROYALTY
Dress- Favorite rockstar/ rock band, leather, studs, spiked hair, punk rock etc.