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Welcome to specializing in your favorite Caribbean and Mexican all-inclusive resorts such as: Hedonism II, Grand Lido Negril, Desire Riviera Maya (Cancun), Desire Pearl (Cancun), Temptation Cancun, Hidden Beach Cancun, the Breezes Resorts family, the Couples Resorts family and other resorts. A selected number of domestic resorts are also featured.

This site is home to the Wet, Wild and Wicked® travel group. Hosted trips are scheduled throughout the year. Check out the upcoming scheduled trips. Join us for a great time and meet many new friends. All the groups that I can book (about 50 of them) can be found here.

Request a quote from DennyP Travel LLC and be one step closer to your next vacation.

Need to have Wi-Fi available while traveling in over 120 countries? Rent or purchase a Skyroam unit here and save. Get up to 4G speed and a secure internet connection available 24/7. Click here for more information. It worked flawlessly on my last Hedonism II trip when the resort Wi-Fi was not working over 50% of the time. There is a new monthly subscription option available for frequent travelers.

Much of the content in this site has been submitted by other travelers and is greatly appreciated. The community aspect of this site is prominent in the message board forums and posted trip reports.

An abundance of resort information is available and updated often. Visitors to several of the resorts can access a Visitor Schedule and search for others traveling at the same time. A Resort Special Events and Groups Calendar is maintained providing a source of valuable information regarding what is happening at various resorts. Add your group or event. A list of current sales and promotions and links to over 50 group trips can be found here.

Miscellaneous travel information containing links to multiple sources of current data is available.

In addition to all the above information and features, much more can be found on this web site. Take some time to explore and wander around. Come back often as updates and additions are made almost daily.

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