Dave & Nena - September, 2003

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

(or…A Week in Heaven at Desire)

Sept. 5 thru 11 ‘03


We just returned from a week at Desire Resort in Cancun.  We had a bit of trepidation going there, as we had a comfort level at Hedo II, many friends at Hedo, and had read some horror stories about Desire.  But, being the adventurous folks that we are, we figured “What the hell?”, and went ahead and booked it.   

Of course, we both went into this with eyes wide shut, we figured it could never, ever, meet what Hedo is.  So off we went, with the mindset that we were going to have to compare everything Desire was lacking to what Hedo has.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.   

We arrived at 11:30 Friday night after a 30 minute ride from the airport (1 point for Desire for proximity).  We were in our room within 10 minutes of stepping out of the van (1 point for Desire).  We were nekkid and on the way to the hot tub 10 minutes later.  When we arrived at the hot tub, there were 2 other couples there (midnight Friday, 2 couples in hot tub, we thought we were in the wrong place. 1 point for Hedo, as we have woke up in the morning and seen more people STILL in the hot tub than that)  We proceeded to utilize one of the 7 outdoor beds, as another couple had come up and was using one as well.  (Big points on the beds later).  The next morning we had breakfast and began the task of introducing ourselves to everyone on the beach and at the pool.  This was not too difficult, as there were only about 18 couples there.  We met some wonderful people, it must be the fact that nudity is the great equalizer (or un-equalizer in the case of some), but everyone that we met throughout the week was great.  For those of you who still think that resorts such as this only cater to the “bodies-beautiful”, walk into your local supermarket and undress everybody - figuratively, not literally.  All shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, you name it, it’s there…from the sexy young checker and stud boxboy to the grandma and grandpa buying Polident and Metamucil, and everything in between, we met them all.  And they were all there with the same mindset…have fun, enjoy yourself, and whatever happens – happens.   

Now for some un-scientific comparisons: 

Rooms – Hedo is bigger, Desire is nicer.  Hedo has dressers, Desire’s hangers are a pain, as they do not come off the rod.  Desire’s Ocean Front really are 30 feet door-to-sand.  Can’t speak to the Jacuzzi Suites, as we decided that we wouldn’t spend enough time in the room to use one.  However, the beds are MUCH more comfortable at Hedo.  But the TV’s are a plus at Desire if you want to keep up with the goings-on in the world. (Point – Desire)

Food:  Deisre’s food is good, and I’ve never heard of anyone dying from Hedo’s food.  The “fancy restaurant” at Desire is good, but it will never be Pastafari’s.  Also, I can’t see them adjusting for a party of 16 at the last minute when reservations were made for 6 like Pastafari’s has.  The grill at the nude pool is good, lots of food, but it’s not Robert’s.  The buffet is about the same, and there’s nothing like Jamaicans doing Japanese as they do at Hedo.  (Point – Hedo, but ½ point to Desire for having hot food at the main bar for those 2 A.M. munchies)

Bars:  Pretty much the same, both have great bartenders.  Desire gets the nod here for the service.  No matter where you are on the beach or at the pool, you have Charlie taking your order and delivering it to you.  The hot tub bar shuts down at 7 P.M., but they leave an abundance of mixers and alcohol for you to make your own.  One night we ran out of Tequila, actually the entire resort was out of Tequila, and they sent someone out to buy it in town and bring it back.   Juan & Miguel are quickly becoming the Delroy & Scumba of the Yucatan.   (Point – Desire)

Service:    I’ve been to 5 Star resorts that could take lessons in service from Desire’s staff.  These people WANT to serve you, they WANT to do it right, and they go the extra mile for everyone there.  If we needed more towels at the hot tub, we got on the phone at the bar and requested them…they were delivered within 10 minutes.  (2 Points – Desire)

Pool, Beach, Hot Tub:  Kind of a tough comparison here, as it is two completely different layouts.  Hedo’s pool is more intimate and allows for more socializing, while Desire’s is much larger and allows for more activities such as volleyball and water polo.  Hedo’s beach allows you to just lounge in the water if you wish, you can’t do that at Desire’s, too much water movement.  Desire’s beach is much cleaner, and has about a dozen palapas for shade, but Hedo has much more natural shade with its trees.  So far, we have a draw with the pool and beach.  Now for the knockout punch – the hot tub.  At Hedo, the hot tub is huge.  At Desire the hot tub is intimate, about 1/3 the size of Hedo’s.  Desire’s has the bar, is on the 3rd floor overlooking the resort and ocean, has the beds for couples (and a couple of couples) and the temperature is pretty much constant, where Hedo’s tends to be too hot or too cool.  The hot tub is the place to be at night at both resorts.  The hot tub is the place where the sex begins for most folks.  At Hedo, it’s in your face; at Desire it’s a bit more refined.  At Hedo, if you wish to be a bit exhibitionistic, every Vinnie and Wally can sit back and enjoy.  At Desire, it’s couples performing for other couples.  (1 huge point – Desire)

The Little Things:   These aren’t things which will necessarily make or break a vacation, but are good to keep in the back of one’s mind…Towels: Hedo’s are OK, when you can find them; Desire’s are incredible and all over the place.  If you run out in the hot tub at night, they bring more – many more.  They are so thick that it is very difficult to close your suitcase when you’re leaving. (just joking Mario) (Point – Desire)---Water: The shower pressure and temperature at Desire in constant, we who have experienced the schitzophrenic pressure and temp of a shower at Hedo can appreciate this.  However, there needs to be a sign in the room to remind the Desire guests that you don’t want to swallow any pipe-water, nor do you want to brush your teeth with it.  This makes for a big morning pain in ass.  (Point – Hedo)---Disco: No question about it…Desire gets this one hands down.  Not only is it air conditioned and spacious, the playroom in back is a great place for extra-curricular activities with a small or large group, or to just sit back and watch and enjoy!  What a great idea!  (Point – Desire)---Entertainment Coordinators: Hedo’s are good, they have lots to work with.  Desire’s are Omar, Hector & Mario, and after talking to you once, they have your name memorized, as well as where you’re from, what they can hassle you about good-naturedly, and show a hell of a lot of respect to everyone there.  They participate in the activities, and if one chooses to not participate, they just let you be.(Point – Desire)

Last, but not least…People:   This is a true toss-up.  We have met some of the best people in the world at Hedo.  We have made lifelong friends there.  After all, it’s the guests that make Hedo Hedo.  We can truly say the same about everyone we had the pleasure of meeting at Desire.  We know that we will remain friends with some of them, and socialize outside of the resort, just like our Hedo friends.  We love Hedo because of the people…we also love Desire because of the same reason.  However, in our humble opinion, the Desire resort is much more user-friendly.   

If you add up the points, Desire should beat Hedo, hands down.  However, there’s more than just the good points that make a resort what it is…Desire needs people.  It’s still new, but should be as easy for those on the east coast to travel to as it is for us on the west.  This place is a fabulous getaway, this from a couple who spent every away-from-the-kids vacation at Hedo II.  We had no reason to go anywhere else.  We still will go to Hedo, just not as often.  We wonder if Desire would lose some of its intimacy once it fills up.  We certainly hope not.  

Dave & Nena