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Hedonism II 


Brian & Kathleen - April, 2010

April 25-May1, 2010- Biffs Bunch

This was our third trip to Hedo 2 with Biffs Bunch, and it was wonderful, as
always. The weather was better than it's ever been, although a few times it
was downright hot. There was no rain all week, which was a first, and much
better than last year. So that gave us plenty of time in the sun and water.

We flew Air Tran this year instead of Air Jamaica since they were still having
issues with a merger at that time. It was about the same. No problems with
the trip there or back, although I was disappointed that there was no stop for
a Red Stripe on the bus ride to Hedo. That was also a first. We didn't have
any Hedo people with us, just Breezes people, so that might have been the

Our welcome was friendly, and our room was great on the prude side. We were
right by the food and had our best location yet, even though we have had more
costly rooms in the past. I still think the prude side is a worthwhile deal,
even though we spend our days on the nude side.

The nude catamaran cruise was a very enjoyable, as well as the Biffs Bunch
parties (Little Black Dress Night, Pirate Party, etc. ). We only went off the
resort property to replace our raft that popped, and for some special
brownies, and to visit Rick's Café again. Ricks is always a good time, and
Brian loves to dive off the cliffs.

The food was great, the staff was friendly, as always. Dinner was served on
the beach one night and that was different for us, and very festive.

We enjoyed the piano bar more last year, since there were more karaoke nights
this time. Dion is great, but we didn't see him as much this time.
Also one night the Bad Girls from the Oxygen Channel put a damper on the
atmosphere in the piano bar, and upset a lot of the other guests. I did not
personally have any run ins with either The Men Of Steel or The Bad Girls, but
I did observe them and others having problems. Their presence definitely
spoiled the usual Hedo vibe for many. I hope the management takes that into
account in the future and does not allow groups like that to film at the
resort again. It only seemed to cause problems and bad feelings.
And I did notice that both groups acted arrogant and rude to paying guests at

The resort was very uncrowded this year, which was sad to observe. On the
other hand, there were plenty of seats in the dining area and no lines for
anything. I hope attendance picks up next year though.

The hot tub was nice and HOT. Some thought it was too hot, but I enjoyed it.
We saw and participated in a few lewd acts or PDA's, but no more or less than
usual. And no one stopped it.

The disco still disappoints. I think it was just a battleground for the
feuding Bad Girls this year. I hope they update that space and make it more
user friendly in the future. It's such a waste of good space, since it's dark
and depressing and the music coming out of there sounds terrible.

All in all, it was a great time and we hated to leave, and can't wait to go
back next April!

Kathleen and Brian

Brian & Kathleen Brian & Kathleen